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Rules & Agreements

Please read the following rules carefully before signing in !

Terms & Conditions

1. General provisionn

The initiator is the administration of Bestplatfrom.biz resource.

The participant is a user of the project, he is served by the initiator and by the Bestplatfrom.biz project in particular.

1.1 The initiator reserves the right to change the current rules and/or make supplements to them.

1.2 Registration means that a participant agrees with the rules of the project and not to break them.

2. Provided services

2.1. The initiator gives a participant an investment platform for leisure activities in free time and an opportunity to make money. The initiator does not force a participant to use these services,not under any circumstances.

2.2. The participant can deposit his own funds in the project on a voluntary basis.

2.3 The participant can order the outlay of money received by his activities and achievements in the project.

3. The participant shall

3.1 Not use obscene language and censored words/phrases in communication with the project support.

3.2 Promptly inform of the detected errors and defects in the project and not use them for personal purposes.

3.3 Not create more than one accounts unless it is preliminarily discussed with the administration of the project.

3.4 Not use the communication to advertise any third-party resources.

3.5 Shoulder responsibility for any financing transaction in his account even if they are not made by him.

3.6 Not criticize the actions of other participants and the initiators of the project.

3.7 Not use undocumented features (bugs) and software errors of the project. Immediately report to the administration them and the individuals using them.

3.8 Not use any external programs to score an advantage in the project.

3.9 The participant shall be concerned about the necessary measures of computer security, keep his user-name and password in secret and not share it with other participants. The participant bears a risk of unfavourable consequences himself.

4. The initiator shall

4.1. Provide the top availability of the project on the Internet, report on all planned technical works.

4.2 Provide an opportunity to withdraw earnings at any moment without any restrictions, within a period not exceeding one day. Should force majeure related to payment systems arise the initiator has the right to delay the withdrawal for a period not exceeding 1 week.

4.3 Keep personal data about every participant confidential.

4.4 Provide technical support and help to the participants of the project via live chat support.

4.5 Maintain and wisely distribute the reserve of the project to provide stable and regular payments to the participants.

5. The initiator reserves the right

5.1 To block or remove a participant from the project without any return of invested money and compensation for the time spent in case of serious breaches of the rules or if other members inform against him many times.

6. Responsibility

6.1 The initiator does not guarantee the permanent and uninterrupted access to the project and its services in case of technical bugs and/or unforeseen circumstances, including: inadequate work or functioning of the Internet providers, informational services, banking and payment systems and third parties' illegal actions. The initiator will do his best to prevent glitches but is not answerable for the temporary technical glitches and breaks in work no matter what causes them.

6.2 The participant totally agrees that the initiator cannot be answerable for the participant's losses caused by third parties' illegal actions aimed at the breach of electronic equipment and the project databases security or caused by the glitches beyond the initiator, interruption or stop of the communication channels and networks work, which are used for communication with the participant, as well as any illegal or misguided work of the payment systems and third parties.

6.3 The initiator is not answerable for the losses because of participant's using or not using the information about the project, rules and project itself. He is not answerable for the losses or any damage incurred over the participant's unskilled actions or his ignorance of the current rules or his payment mistakes.

6.4 The initiator is not answerable to the participant for other participants' actions.
6.5 The participant agrees that he uses the investment project of his own will and at his own risk. The initiator does not make guarantees to the participant that he will benefit or profit from the participation in the project. The member chooses a level of participation himself.



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