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Frequently Asked Question

     General Question

What is Best Platform Limited ?
Best Platform Limited is legit company . We are registered in the U.K . Registration number: #11445632
What are the Best Platform Limited Company's activities?
Best Platform Limited is engaged in trading activities on the on the forex and crypto-currency market. The company's income is generated by successfully executed trades on the currency market.
Who may be a client of Best Platform Limited?
Everyone may be a client of Best Platform Limited, but he/she must be not less 18 years old.
What are the risks for Best Platform Limited company's investors?
The risks for our investors are minimized due to the professional team and our experience. Each company's investor will receive a daily profit according to the terms of the investment plan that was chosen.

    User Information Question

How can I open an account with Best Platform Limited?
To become an official member of Best Platform Limited, you must complete the registration process. Click on the "Register" button. Then fill in the details as required, and complete the process.
How many accounts can I open on the site?
Any client can have only one account per IP/Payment account. In the event of multiple registrations from your computer we have rights to suspend all of your accounts.
Can I change my personal data (login, password, e-mail etc.)?
Yes, you can change some of your personal data through the personal account by yourself. Log into your Best Platform Limited account and click on the "Edit Account ". You can change your personal data there.
What if I can't log into my account because I forgot my password?
Click forgot password link, type your username or e-mail and you'll receive your account information.

     Financial Question

How to deposit an account?
To make a deposit, you need to log in to your account, go to the "Make Deposit" section, select plan and payment processor, enter amount, and click "Spend"
What payment systems cooperate with the company?
We cooperate with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount is $20.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $1 for Perfect Money, Payeer; $5 for Litecoin, Ethereum ; $20 for Bitcoin
How quickly can the request of the money withdrawal be processed?
All payments are processed within 0 hour - 24 hours of request.
Is it possible to place money using one payment system and withdraw them using another?
No, you can withdraw money only with the payment system that was used to place them on deposit.

    Security and Affiliate Question

Can I be sure that no one will know my personal data?
Yes, if you do not pass the login and password to third parties. The third parties cannot get this information through our website.
Is it safe to conduct all transactions in cryptocurrency?
Yes, absolutely. Thanks to the technology of the blockchain only you can make any changes at your account.
Do you have an affiliate program?
Yes, we developed a two-level affiliate program according to which a program beneficiary will be charged with 3% of commission charge from the each of his/her partner deposit amounts , and 1% of commission charge from the partner of his/her partner
Is it possible to make profit from the affiliate program without placing a deposit?
Yes, you can gain a passive income with no direct investments.
Do you pay a referral commission for a deposit from a balance account?
No. You receive referral commission only for deposits from payment systems.


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